To select the best marketer for your business and your audience, the first thing you have to know is that not all marketers suits all the business and marketing is a process, you will not get big results when just starting with a marketing strategy because it takes time for your audience to knows you and likes you.

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What kind of business do you have

Is different if you talk to a specific segment than if your dialogue must suit different kind of people. For example, if your service is about banking you will have several needs to work with but if your product is gothic underwear you’ll know easier where to find your audience.

In so, the marketer will have to be prepared, to use multiple strategies to engage your audience, is different when people buy a bank service than gothic underwear. You will have to find a marketer who understands your audience and how to dialogue with it.

What are your expectations about your marketing strategy?

We all want our business to thrive, we all want people to love it, but as we mentioned before, it is a process, so saying you want your business to be known is a very wide expression, is better to narrow to things like “I want my business to be known as the authority of this particular theme”, “I want my audience to trust our services because they can do … better than with …”, this will help the marketer to understand what are your business needs and if you listen to what he/she has to say, you’ll make known your brand.

Now find the right marketer for you

Ask and search to see what possibilities you find, now research about them:

  • Projects they have done before
  • Go to their portfolio and look on internet (searches, social media …) for the projects they present and ask yourself:
    • What has happened with this projects, can you find them easily when looking for it on a searching platform on a social network?
    • Do you like the communication tone?
    • Does this marketer will have enough time for my project?

Try to find 3 to 5 possibilities and before contact them search for the regular prices of marketing consulting on your country to know the average price you should have to pay.

Now ask them for an economic proposal, they will need information on the objectives and expectations of your business,  if you have presences on internet, the name of your company and your direct competitors, for them to do a good proposal.

What a marketer will commit to do in the proposal will normally is:

  • Research about your audience and business
  • Audience targeting
  • Marketing strategy
  • Content creation and deployment
  • Community listening and dialogue
  • Audience analysis
  • Efforts improvement and redirection

*Not necessarily in this order.

What is very important to see here is that marketing strategies should be at the top needs for your business, not when it is in problems because then, it will be harder and may be impossible to help your business.