Maintaining a website in WordPress as in other content management systems  means that all the technology on your website should be up to date to prevent problems or hackings, so here we are going to give you 5 top tips to maintain your WordPress website.

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WordPress the most used content management system (CMS) in the world, is an open technology, meaning that anyone can learn how it works, so it’s of absolute importance for your website to be up to date to improve your website security and also your website response. Let’s start with our 5 top tips for you:

Backup your website before doing an upgrade

Do at least monthly backups of your website and when you are going to upgrade technology, either by CPanel, FTP or a WordPress plugin. This is a habit you need  to learn and maintain.

Update WordPress core files

This is the WordPress CMS installation, launches updates very periodically, because of new upgrades, bugs, or security reasons, so it’s very important to upgrade to the new versions as soon as you can, this will help with security.

Update themes, plugins and languages

Same as the WordPress CMS installation is imperative to maintain also themes, plugins and languages up to date (even if they are not active) to know that you have the best possible performance and security. Backup is very important before upgrading themes, plugins, and languages since some times this upgrades can produce incompatibilities with other plugins or the active theme, but with the backup, this will be a zero problem since you can re-upload the last working plugin or theme to solve the problematic one.

Don’t install any plugin nor any theme

You will find thousands of plugins and themes on the WordPress directories but not all will be compatible with your theme/plugins configuration and some are not well developed so is basic to do a little research before trying a plugin or a theme, find how much installations it has, what people say when is not working for them and if possible, see if your theme declares the prefered plugins to use.

Care about your WordPress website security

Backup your website periodically is a must, also maintain up to date WordPress core files, themes and plugins, be carefull with comment modules, protect and use with careful and have a good security plugin like Wordfence or Sucury the most used ones, you can have them for free or by paying, it will depends on the severity of protection you will need, meaning if you are a bank, you will have to use the paid one to have real people checking on your website, but for websites that don’t handle critical information, the free ones will do the work. They are not infallible but if needed, you can pay a cleaning with the same security plugins creators.

This 5 tips for maintaining your WordPress website, will help you as guide of what’s important to have on account at the moment of optimize.